Nicole male torso sex toy 125cm/4.10ft H1657




With a beautiful face and wearing blue satin ropes and underwear, all the good bodies of the pure beautiful girls who are present will always show more girls. She has to endure loneliness and become anxious. Anything she does, gravity. Just like anything else seduce you. She’s to make your sex girl’s body full. This is a problem that comes to the body very satisfied. This sexy is under your tenderness to hook, toward you. You’re used to the flexibility of the body. Male torso sex Toy is a kind of enjoyable love that will sway the body to many things and want to be a male torso sex toy.

Height: 109cm
Neck: 24cm
Shoulder: 27cm
Upper bust: 54cm
Under bust: 47cm
Waist: 42cm
Hip: 63cm
Arm length: 40cm
Palm length: 10cm
Leg length: 60cm
Feet length: 17cm
Mouth: 10.8cm
Vagina: 17cm
Anal: 13cm
Weight: 17.3kg
Package weight: 21.3
Package size: 110*32*22


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