Angelina sex doll online 130cm/4.26ft H1811




Small breasted dolls, looking for a girl with big breasts that can make you happy will lead to a big girl with big breasts. You can wear it in full style and can be in different beauty presidents. A very soft and sexy skirt with a small mouth that you can fill up tightly. Why don’t you worry, because there is a slender sex doll online on it. The person is not a petite but swan neck, slender, you can’t imagine , Sex doll online’s work is very soft compared to the biggest life with no long and thick head. The skin is very soft and elastic. It has purple-brown color. It makes the man’s bloody and upturned nose unmask the passion and kind desire. It’s up to you.

Height: 112cm
Neck: 25cm
Shoulder: 28cm
Upper bust: 62cm
Under bust:46cm
Waist: 39cm
Hip: 62cm
Arm length: 41cm
Palm length: 11cm
Leg length: 59cm
Feet length: 17cm
Mouth: 12.5cm
Vagina: 18cm
Anal: 10.5cm
Weight: 20kg
Package weight: 27
Package size: 110*32*22


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