Ariana lifelike sex dolls 65cm/2.13ft H950




Ariana is a very warm-hearted girl. She always takes care of everyone around her, so she is liked by everyone around her. People always like good people.
Her charming face and fiery body make her scarce in the eyes of boys. Her body is a good object for people to commit crimes. Her body is very flexible and can be highly curved. Her body is thin but full, which forms a fatal combination. You can hug her from behind, touch her soft chest with both hands, and make negative distance contact with her.
She’s ready. You can feel her heat, right?

Height: 65cn
Neck: 11cm
Shoulder: 14cm
Upper bust: 28cm
Under bust: 25cm
Waist: 26cm
Hip: 35cm
Arm length: 18cm
Palm length: 9cm
Leg length: 27cm
Feet length: 8cm
Weight: 2.8kg
Package weight: 4.9
Package size: 68*24*20


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