Keilani anime sex doll 125cm/4.10ft H688


I’m Ava. Oh, today must be my luckiest day. Thank God for letting me meet you today. My brave warrior, my celebrity sex dollsdearest master. You don’t know how charming you are. Let me

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This is a super high-quality sex doll. Although she has only half body, she has a complete body structure to satisfy you. The high-quality metal seleton can satisfy any sex pose you want. Because she has no head, you can imagine her as your favorite face, like a movie star or a model, or even a classmate you’ve been secretly in love with. She is ready to spend a colorful night with you. If you come to her, she will give you the greatest satisfaction.

Height: 109cm
Neck: 24cm
Shoulder: 27cm
Upper bust: 54cm
Under bust: 47cm
Waist: 42cm
Hip: 63cm
Arm length: 40cm
Palm length: 10cm
Leg length: 60cm
Feet length: 17cm
Mouth: 10.8cm
Vagina: 17cm
Anal: 13cm
Weight: 17.3kg
Package weight: 21.3
Package size: 110*32*22


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