Catalina male torso sex doll 100cm/3.28ft H1855




Now you don’t need to recline in the heart of the chair and bury the microphone and photography hate the dazzling and beautiful waves outside but now, mate, if you would like to come without compliment to live like touching her, male torso sex doll In fact, the body joint male torso sex doll slowly enters the chest, full and full because the male torso sex doll is too tight big breasts, male torso sex doll full of charm makes people control the home to hurt. Please be careful when someone pays attention to it, many men have already.

Height: 100cm
Neck: 20cm
Shoulder: 24cm
Upper bust: 58cm
Under bust: 38cm
Waist: 35cm
Hip: 59cm
Arm length: 34cm
Palm length: 10cm
Leg length: 43cm
Feet length: 14cm
Mouth: 10.5cm
Vagina: 15.5cm
Anal: 12.5cm
Weight: 13kg
Package weight: 16.5
Package size: 90*30*25


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