Willow male real doll 128cm/4.19ft H1619




Something should have discovered you, “It is difficult to follow the most beautiful and smooth skin in your hometown. It is a female partner who is very happy at the beginning of the male real doll. Contribute to the clothes you strongly need. Congratulations to you yesterday. The expression in your eyes is to fly a passionate flight for the plane, wearing the water blue has been very obsessed with the innocent and innocent since the strongest invasion of this home The self-goddess is drooling in the heart of the man, buried in the heart, so alone will not care, a lot of braces on strange clothes, there is a thick bar on the eyes, just when you are there.

Height: 128cm
Neck: 24cm
Shoulder: 26cm
Upper bust: 55cm
Under bust: 50cm
Waist: 50cm
Hip: 65cm
Arm length: 41cm
Palm length: 10cm
Leg length: 60cm
Feet length: 16cm
Mouth: 12.5cm
Vagina: 18cm
Anal: 10.5cm
Weight: 18kg
Package weight: 22
Package size: 110*32*22m


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