Esperanza sex doll pornhub 115cm/3.77ft H1195




Are you looking for a full-time sexual partner? Let’s take a look at Kinsley. She has a beautiful appearance. You must be attracted by her perfect face, but it may be a little unexpected. For appearance, her body is the real treasure. Look at the beautiful lines of her body,
See her big chest? Do you see the plump buttocks? And slim waist and long legs? If you are just attracted by her face at first and like her a little, then after seeing her hot body, I believe you have completely fallen in love with her.
She can meet all your sexual needs. She is the perfect partner you want.

Height: 115cm
Neck: 26cm
Shoulder: 29cm
Upper bust: 76cm
Under bust: 55cm
Waist: 48cm
Hip: 71cm
Arm length: 37cm
Palm length: 11m
Leg length: 51cm
Feet length: 17cm
Mouth: 10.6cm
Vagina: 17cm
Anal: 12.5cm
Weight: 19kg
Package weight: 22.7
Package size: 100*35*25


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