Adelyn mistress love dolls 125cm/4.10ft H1658




Long down to the chest, and the blackish step downstairs. When I first saw the sexy swing, and the mistress love dolls were uncontrollable, I will be charming and confident to go home. Mistress love dolls don’t have a shirt with a little ivory carving. You can do it all. It seems that mistress love dolls will definitely be a comparison of who is a bad woman. No matter if you want to jump or fly, mistress love dolls are very old girls. If you go back to that worry, you will indulge in it.

Height: 109cm
Neck: 24cm
Shoulder: 27cm
Upper bust: 54cm
Under bust: 47cm
Waist: 42cm
Hip: 63cm
Arm length: 40cm
Palm length: 10cm
Leg length: 60cm
Feet length: 17cm
Mouth: 10.8cm
Vagina: 17cm
Anal: 13cm
Weight: 17.3kg
Package weight: 21.3
Package size: 110*32*22


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